Documents You Must Check Before Buying a New Home

If you have been looking to buy a property in Mumbai, then there are certain things that you should keep in mind with regards to the verification of property documents. Here we help you take a quick look at some important documents to check as you look up a property in Ghatkopar or any other area in Mumbai.

Documents to Check Before Buying a Property

Title deed

This document typically outlines the entire chain of ownership of a property. Title deeds provide full knowledge about how a present owner can opt to claim for the absolute ownership of a property. The title deed will allow for the possession of the title as well as other information relevant to your desired property in Mumbai. This document is important because if the land does not show the name of the last seller correctly then as per legal norms the property’s ownership will not be passed on to the buyer. This may lead to future litigations, disputes, and other hassles by the claimants of a property.

Sanctioned building plan

Before the construction of any building starts, the builder has to gain an approval from local planning authorities. Referred to as a ‘sanction’, the approval is given if the builder submits all necessary documents and papers asked by the local planning authorities. Apart from stating facts about property ownership, these sanctions check for the legalized construction of buildings. In case there exists no sanctioned building plan for the property that you intend to purchase, then you face the risk of going for a property that’s illegal which may or may not be approved by local planning authorities.

Occupancy certificate

When a property is ready to be occupied, local planning authorities issue a certificate called the “Occupancy Certificate” (OC) or the “Completion Certificate”. The document implies that the builder has complied with building plans and laid-down norms and can be occupied. Without this document, you will find it tough to get loans from financial institutions or procure government issued documents like Khatha/Mutation etc.

The tax paid receipts, encumbrance certificate, khata/mutation document etc. are some of the other important documents that have to be checked for thoroughly before buying any new property.


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